Question re the "Cerf" bag--*update*

  1. my SA and told her I was sort of looking for a "mom" bag and she recommended the cerf tote. I just wondered, how is this bag irl? I love my baby coco cabas and diamond shine flap and, in comparison, this one looks a little dull. It does sound practical, though. She has it in beige (and I am looking for a spring bag to go with my browns) and is holding it for me, but I didn't instantly fall in love. She said it is a classic style and must-have for any Chanel collection. What do you all think?
  2. it's a great tote if you like simple. . .
    it's too plain for me personally, I have never been attracted to it.
    But I can see the draw, it's a super duper abg if you want understated.
  3. I know that is the one that Gwyneth Paltrow carried when she had her baby Apple. I personally like it and I think it would be fab diaper bag.
  4. I have a cerf tote, and really like it, but use it more for work than play.
  5. Do you feel that it is more functional than merely pretty? It seems so practical, but I just don't think I will love it.
  6. I like the Cerf -- it has very clean lines. Nicely understated. But, it would probably not be my first choice for a mom/diaper bag because the straps are not long enough. It fits very snugly under the arm. I would go with something with a bit longer straps. I actually think the GST would make a great mom bag, because it is roomy & has a long strap.
  7. i love the cerf tote, but it's not for everyone bc it is really simple. i think it's a great work bag bc it is so simple and understated.
    for a diaper bag, i might go for the cloudy bundle tote or the square vintage tote. they both go over the shoulder, but are a bit more "interesting" than the cerf.
  8. I do think its pretty, but more of a functional bag. I actually tie a bandana on mine to make it more edgy.

  9. OMG I thought the same thing..I almost got the cloudy bundle tote yesterday (THE ONE IN THE THREAD THAT I STARTED with all the pictures) But after looking at it I thought it looked like a diaper bag...(A VERY expensive diaper bag at that) So I changed my mind...;)

    I want to get the Cerf tote one day also..I like the idea that is not so IN YOUR FACE but you can see its chanel..I think it would be a WONDERFUL work bag....
  10. The Vintage Ligne has an E/W shaped tote as opposed to the one I have which is more N/S, it'd be IDEAL for a diaper bag, I SOOO want one!
  11. I will have to do a search to try to find a picture of that one!
  12. go ahead and charge it to my card. The SA at Saks said I should just let her ship it to me and get the $125 gift card that will go with. She said I could just return if I don't like it and keep the card. I don't think I can get up to see it irl until next week, but it doesn't feel right to get the card and buy the bag knowing there is at least a 50/50 chance I will return. I do need a Spring bag and the beige seems pretty, but should I hold out for the trunk show in February. The cerf is always available, right? Plus, I don't really like gold hardware, although in this case it is tiny.

    Any thing that might push me over the edge one way or the other on the cerf??
  13. I carried my cerf tote today. I love it--to me it is a very elegant understated bag. Edgy is fun and everyone needs something edgy in their collection but everyone needs simple elegance in their collection as well.:yes:
  14. You are so sweet--squishy diaper bag :smile: That is great. Thanks for the pictures!