question re: stam lining color

  1. What color is the lining of a black 2005 stam supposed to be? and what is it made of?
  2. it should be burgundy suede.
  3. Thanks, thithi!
  4. if a stam bag has a cream lining what does that mean?
  5. The lining for this years model is cream. I believe last years model had the burgandy suede.
  6. if it's cream suede, than it was an early 2006 release. Cream canvas is summer/fall.
  7. ah thanks for clearing that up.
    is one year preferable to the other? i'm looking to buy a stam eventually and think i would prefer the burgandy suede as it wouldn't show up stains as easily. but is it the 2005 model that had the dodgy kisslocks?
  8. MJ switched all the quilted bags to canvas lining in Spring 06 (certain ones have suede that season though), it's not sure if/when suede lining will come back. Suede lining is more luxurious, it's preferred by most buyers even though suede adds some weigh. =) All the Stams with suede lining are sold out eveywhere, they are pretty much impossible to find now. Ebay is flooded with faked Stams.
  9. If you do go to ebay looking for a stam, you should start your search above 1k. Then post it in the Authenticate This! thread. I know that I love suede interior, I think it's sooooo luxurious and makes me feel like the bag was worth the price.
  10. The canvas is suppose to make the bag lighter, although many members don't feel a difference in weight. The 05 bags do have the dodgey kisslocks.
  11. thanks for your replies, just one last question... did the 2005 stams have brass hardware and the 2006 range have gold hardware? i've seen some stams described as having brass toned chains etc where as others are gold (both looked authentic to me)
    i think i prefer the gold look better so may go for the 2006 range instead if thats the case?
  12. It's not true that all F05 Stams have issues, there are many happy owners with perfect Stams from that season. You can do a search under this forum, there are many discussions on their differences.

    Fall 05 - brass/antiqued hardware, slouchy icy or nappa leather, burgundy suede lining

    Resort 05 - light gold shiny hardware, nappa leather, burgundy suede lining for Black.

    Spring 06 - (1) light gold shiny hardware, structured calf leather, blue suede lining for Putty, light tan suede lining for Black/Ivory.
    (2) light gold shiny hardware, goat leather (patent), cream canvas lining for Chalk, Blush, Cola.

    Fall 06+++ - shiny gold hardware, structured calf leather, cream canvas lining

    Ladies, please feel free to correct if any mistake is found. =)
  13. wow you know your stuff bag.lover =)

    how do you actually search the forums? i know you can search individual threads but there doesn't seem to be an option to search entire forums??
  14. When you are in the MJ forum, click on Search at the top of the page.

    Most of the Stams on ebay are fake especially those with suede linings which are older and harder to find. Please be very careful.

    An authentic Black Stam is available from Personalshoppers (reliable & trustworthy seller of authentic stuffs):
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  15. I can't remember all the details from Resort 05 & Spring 06. Not exactly sure if Ivory Stams with beige suede lining belonged to Resort 05, some members' Ivory Stams (Spring 06) had Cream Canvas linings. Need to confirm withl MJ stores.