Question re: selling bag on e-bay

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  1. I have only bought, never sold on e-bay and am attempting to sell a bag. A potential buyer is requesting the serial number and wants to call eluxury (where I purchased) to verify it came from there - what do I do? I have stated no returns, and have stated it is authentic and I have a receipt which I am willing to send a copy of. I just am unsure how much info to give and how firm to stand....any help? TIA:love:
  2. give them the serial # if it makes them happy. Give them any info they want unless it could be used for fraud or against you. Giving them the serial # shouldn't be a concern. Elux probably wont disclose the info to them anyways.
  3. Give whatever they need, you have nothing to hide.
  4. I have the same opinion and just can give the sam advice as the girls already did. I always give them every information the buyer wants and if they live close to my house they can pick it up if they want to.
  5. could you post the link to your bag on ebay??
  6. I'm not sure I'm supposed to because in order to sell on the PF I have to be here one month and have 100 posts - I would hate to get in trouble! My seller id is the same as my name here:amuse:

    edited out auction #
  7. I would only give the serial number. I wouldn't give any personal information for fear that it might be someone scamming me.
  8. I would provide the Serial # to those who ASK ... never reveal it within the auction text. However, I'm not quite sure what this buyer plans to achieve by giving the information to eLuxury?!

    One of the BIGGEST scams out in eBay-land, is this whole concept of "you (the buyer) must provide a WRITTEN letter from the [Bag-Maker] indicating that it IS NOT authentic ...". This is totally bogus!!

    First of all, L/V, Fendi, Balenciaga, etc. DO NOT "authenticate" or provide any such thing!!! These scammers know it, and so they use this to their advantage to ruse unsuspecting people. The onus is on the SELLER to provide authenticity - NOT the buyer!

    In regards to the receipt, I'm often asked "do you have the original receipt?". Again, even if I do (which many times I don't because I may have bought the item overseas), what difference does it make?!?!? The scammers have become VERY good at creating fake receipts - so what does that prove? If you do provide the receipt - make sure that you BLACK out every bit of personal information!!!

    Good luck SULI!!
  9. Thank you all! I'm not sure she can do much with the serial number and if she buys I will send a copy of the receipt with personal info cut out of it...this is a little tricky!
  10. You know what? tell her what you feel comfortable telling her - if she doesn't like it - tell her to bother someone else. We are asked to bend over backwards when we are selling authentic merchandise but when we are buying - it's a different story.
  11. totally I agree with what everyone said! good luck!
  12. Yeah.. even if you give her all the information to the protential buyer. Eluxury woudn't verify anything because of legal and confidentiality issues. If she can't deal with it then she shouldn't bid.

    You should just tell her to have it authenticated from or LV store.. if this is an LV.
  13. I think that a lot of times those requests are just tests to see if we will send them the info- if you do then they feel reassured and don't take it any further. I would send it.
  14. Thank you all! I did give the info, she asked a few more questions and that was the end. It is a LV alma bag - oh well! This is a learning process - selling to the consignment shop is looking pretty good again!
  15. Yea, it definitely takes a lot of time and effort to sell on Ebay. That's what I'm doing right now. Good luck and hope your bag will sell! Your bag is real so you have nothing to hide.