Question re: Sea Mist color

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  1. Hi folks,

    Sooo...I'm taking my Coach Preston satchel in Sea Mist to work for the first time -- it's her first outing and I'm so in love with this bag! (I overdid it with the matchy-matchy cardigan and dress, but whatever, it's APRIL and I'm DONE with winter!!)........and maybe I've been seeing too many ads/promos for the movie Frozen, but I was wondering.........

    Is the Sea Mist, despite its name, strictly a spring/summer bag, in your opinion? Because while it's a very light color, I could see it working beautifully with winter whites....and even navy and gray....

    What do you think? I'm curious about your opinions! Where "anything goes" in fashion these days, do you think one could pull off this color in winter, too?


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  2. Perhaps I am the wrong person to reply to this since I don't limit any colors for any season, but I definitely think it could easily be used year round.
  3. I say carry what you want, when you want!
  4. I definitely think it is a year-round bag, especially since it has those gray-blue undertones. I love this color!
  5. i dont follow that rule....where you only wear certain bags for certain seasons. I wore my sunflower duffle all year and it worked out great for me :biggrin: i say carry whatever color/bag you want when you want ;) if it makes you happy and you love carrying it then i say carry away!! plus i could see that bag looking amazing on a crisp spring day as well as a great holiday bag to carry around winter time
  6. I saw this in person yesterday. That color is absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't believe she was still there.

    Personally, I don't like to be told what to do. Just ask my mother and the local police department so I say wear her when you want. You worked hard to have her. Be proud of carrying her when you get the urge.

    Flip side, pastels usually remind people of Easter so I would say it's probably officially meant as a Spring/Summer bag. But again, I personally go with the it's my bag and I will take her out anytime I want to. Please feel free to be a rebel too!
  7. I have a Mint colored bag from another brand and as much as I love it, I only carry it in spring/summer
  8. Thanks, all, for your input! I guess I'll use it and enjoy this bag this spring/summer....and then see how I feel next winter. I definitely can see it looking really pretty with ivories/etc., and like you said, ClassicShopper, it has blue/gray undertones....

    ....of course, by then, Coach might make this shape/style in a few gorgeous, hard-to-resist "autumn" colors....who knows. But it's nice getting people's feedback. I really adore this sea mist, and think it's so pretty and unique!!! :smile:
  9. I'm in love with Sea Mist too! I think it's one of those colors - similar to Tiffany Blue - that will never go out of style - or out of season. Kate Spade had a similar shade last winter - with minimal black trim (like the strap, handles, or a bow) - so as well as winter white, (or your other thoughts - ivory, navy), I think it goes well with a basic black outfit. I think it's a super color to accessorize with year-round.
  10. Colour-wise it may seem like a seasonal bag. However, be your own individual and wear it when you want. I carry whichever bag my heard desires whenever. Hope to see this beauty in December under "which bag are you carrying today" sub-forum :smile:
  11. As the song's your thing, do what you want to do.

    Showing my age here...LOL