Question re: scarfs and handbags

  1. I was thinking about getting a scarf or two for a few of my handbags just to give them a little variety. I am not very talented making bows with scarfs that have too much material. :rolleyes: Which scarf(s) do you find make the best bows? The ponytail? The long skinny ones? Sure would appreciate ideas!!!!!:idea:
  2. IMO, the ponytail scarves work well in bows, they're not too big or too small.

    The oblong works well too, but depending on the bag and length of the oblong scarf, it might need to be doubled.

    Have Fun!
  3. I have best luck with the ponytail scarves.
  4. Thanks guys!!!! Time to go shopping for a ponytail scarf!!!:yes:
  5. Which one do you plan on getting?
  6. My vote is for the ponytail scarf.
  7. Im really liking the look of scarves on bags right now. However I am "bow challenged" no matter how hard I try, so I just kinda do a square knot type thing and let the ends hang down. I've been using the regular square scarves.
  8. Ponytail scarfs are the ideal scarfs to make a bow. IMO. ^^
  9. I think I have decided on the tattersall:yes: I love that it is light and not too overpowering. But, I also really want the legacy stripe:confused1: Decisions..decisions:upsidedown:

    I love that tote in your pic BTW........what a beauty!!!!!
  10. pony tail is the only ones i buy...and use but the girls at the store will tie it for you because im bow challenged too!!
  11. For tying on bags, I prefer the ponytail scarves. I don't tie them in bows because it's too hard to keep the bow looking right. I just tie them in a knot and let the ends hang down. For larger bags, I'll use a regular square scarf. Just have fun and experiment with it!
  12. Great ideas:yes: Now if my scarfs would just get here....tap...tap...tap