Question re refurbishing a vintage Speedy...

  1. Has anyone had a Speedy (or any bag for that matter) refurbished? I'm going to take mine to LV next week, and I was just wondering if they're refurbed to "good as new" condition, and can one specify NOT having vachetta leather, and maybe get the darker handles of a Damier Speedy? Any good/bad experiences would be appreciated. Is it worth refurbing a bag, or is it almost as expensive as buying a new one? I made the dumb decision of getting a zipper repair done by a place that does alterations, and they ruined my bag! The new zipper's stitching is terrible! When I picked it up, the dry cleaner even had a straight pin with a tag on it, and it pierced the monogram! If murder weren't illegal...Anyhoo...any info and/or insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. They will refurbish bags. However, we just had a thread on vintage bags and I don't think they can do "French Co." bags anymore. Try checking the Reference Section for more.
  3. Is that the bag you are going to take to LV?! :confused1: If yes, then they won't touch it as already somebody else has done some work to it.

    About replacing the leather: I think it gets really expensive if you want to change all of it since you have to do the trim, etc as well, kwim. Only for the handles and tabs I think I read somewhere between 150-200$. Don't think they'll attach the Ebene handles though. :yes: