Question re: Recaro Car seats "Young Expert" model

  1. Hello,
    Now that my son is close to age 1, I have been in the market to buy an additional car seat that will fit in a Porsche cab. Are there any Porsche drivers who have bought Recaro infant car seats with the Isofix base? I hear this is the safest way to transport children in UK. However, I'm curious as to why this model has not yet been approved for the US market? I'd appreciate it if anyone has any opinions on this model, their purchases, etc.
    BTW, Porsche has their own infant carseats but it looks a bit BULKY and retro.
  2. I don't have a Porsche nor do I live in the UK but we just got the Recaro Young Sport to use with my toddler and she loves it. Hope you find someone who can helo you!