Question re Poppy Groovy

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  1. So I just started following the threads on the Poppy line. My question is in reference to the Poppy Groovy Crossbody bag. How come some of them are being shown with buttons on the front and some of them have zippers? I think from reading all the posts, the ones with the buttons are an older version? But I thought this was a newer line that just came out. I am a big fan of the bag with the buttons, but don't love the one with the zipper. Can I still purchase the one with the buttons?
  2. The button ones are on clearance at dillard's right now. The price would be around $104!! Grab one up! You can even order one and have it shipped to you for $6
  3. I just checked their site and I am not seeing it at the clearance price.
  4. You should check out Macy's they have them at 30% off..
  5. I don't see it either... on Dillards website.
  6. In store or on on the website?
  7. I just bought one at Macy's for 30% off - the ticket price is $198, the sale is $138, I believe... and a lot higher with NYS tax LOL! The one I bought has the buttons - my store had a great color selections. It's a great little purse =)
  8. I just got one at Nordstroms for $130 on sale, over the weekend they had their sale items all posted, but monday morning they all disappeard again...
  9. Hope Groovy signature and leather coming to outlets soon...
  10. Yep you are right! :smile: The button version is from last year and the zipper one is the newest release this year! :smile:

    I got a leather one at our outlet a couple of weekends ago for $110 :biggrin: And they had more patent ones in when I there last weekend! :smile: