Question Re: Patchwork Musette

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  1. LV PFers! Someone posted a link to an eBay pic of a bunch of LVs and one was the patchwork musette (is this also known as the cou de feu or something to that effect?) anyway, the pic on the patchwork did not show any design on the back of the purse. I was under the impression that there was always a little design carrying over the theme from the front, on the back. Could anyone tell me if this is true? The seller is a MyPoupette recommended seller

    hope i am posting this in correct place......;)
  2. I have a conte de fees in the same shape as the musette tango and there is no design on the back. The design in the back is just for the really big beggar's bag. =)
  3. I have the conte de fees musette in black, and as far as I remember (I'm too lazy to get up and check), there's nothing on the back.
  4. btw, url please?
  5. <feeling dumb here what is "url"? :noggin:

    and thanks for everybody's help :smile:
  6. the adress of the auction :smile:
  7. I have the conte de fees bag in grey..There is no design on the back.I have pics of it..LMK if you want me to send them to you as a reference