Question re Padlock on Paddys? Silver v Gold?

  1. Do both colors come out all the time? I have an Anthracite with silver lock and silver hardware...just wondering if you typically get to choose your hardware color on all Paddys...or is it just certain colors have gold hardware and certain colors have silver hardware!

  2. The hardware is determined by the season/style of the bag.

    Eg. Mousse 06 has silver hardware, while Jeans moyen 06 has gold, Argent 07 has silver while Blanc 07 has gold.

    I think when the colours are originally decided, they also decide the hardware colour.
  3. Ahhh it is color/season dependent! Do we have a resource anywhere on tPF that lists the year/colors/hardware? For example, I'd love a blue one with gold hardware...but no clue if that even exists and what year it is from!
  4. Twiggers,
    Not sure what shade of blue you are looking for but Saks (might have been NM though) in Bevery Hills has one. Just saw it today. It's a very blue blue, not sure exact color name but it does have a gold lock. Very nice imo and I am usually not one to go for gold hardware.
  5. Thanks Rosko! It wasn't on sale by any chance? LOL
  6. Unfortunately not on sale:sad:
  7. Bummer :sad: Now that I know these go on sale I am apprehensive to buy any other time LOL I hate that feelng of buying and then it goes on 50% off sale LOL