Question re. paddy clutch

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  1. What did you put inside the clutch? I really like the style, it's soo cute, but I can hardly put my wallet & cell phone inside those clutch. I'm thinking of buying a small wallet, but I haven't found one yet. Did you guys have any suggestions? :confused1:
  2. If i did have a Chloe clutch (which i do not.... yet...) I probably wouldn't try to put my wallet in it. I use clutches for nights out/holidays when i don't want all of my stuff. When I carry I clutch I put my money/liscense/credit card in a little money clip and then take some lip gloss and my cell. That's about it.
  3. i have a clutch and i only put keys, lipgloss, LV card holder (credit cards, license, money) and my cell phone. That's about it. And also, i only use it when i go out at night.
  4. I have a red clutch and I'm going to use it like a wrislet for going out at night and to parties. I'll only put my cell phone, IDs, cash, lipgloss, and keys.