Question re: online Tano etailer

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  1. Well, technically they have a B&M location too! Has anyone ordered lately from Touch of Sass? I saw their site and they appear to have a lot of new spring bags/colors in. I wonder if they are really in or are on backorder? They appear to go in the cart w/ no backorder notation. I e'd the site but haven't heard anything back yet. Just curious!
  2. TOS has a pretty good reputation around these parts!
  3. Just my guess, but I bet if MHB doesn't have their new SS bags, then I doubt TOS does. Probably just preorders, but call them and see.
  4. Sometimes when you order it lets you order, but when you complete the order, it tells you it is back ordered. This happened at TOS with my Green Wunderkinder...Currie was excellent though and did not fuss at the 10,000 emails I sent waiting for the bag to come in...and when it arrived, it shipped out...

    So in very well may not be in stock...but it should tell you when you order if it is in, or a does not tell you just looking...
  5. You can call or email T.O.S. and talk to the owner Currie, she's really really great about answering questions- I bug her all the time :yes: