Question Re: Np Tiger Patents

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  1. Does anyone have them? If so, how much were they in the stores when they were available?
  2. I too want to know this.... I want a pair despirately!!!
  3. They retailed for $785 at NM.

    I bought a barely used pair from ebay in a 39.5 and unfortunately my wide size 9 (US) foot looks funny in them. I am so trying to justify keeping them, but I think that I must accept the reality that they do not look good on me. :crybaby:
  4. Fyi, they also cam w/ these different heel options--tiger or black.

    (Borrowed from la*glam1)

    (Borrowed from NGG)
  5. I have them and mine are the 1st ones xnplo posted.

    I got them for $785 last year, from Saks.
  6. They were on sale at for around $500. I bought a pair but they were too small....:sad: