Question re Miu Miu Mary Janes

  1. Can any of you lucky gals who already have these shoes, tell me how they fit please.

    I really want to get some, but have been advised they are quite generous, so just want to be sure :tup:

  2. Its these ones btw :smile:

  3. for me i found that they fit true to size. i am a 37.5 in miu miu and in general. but i have seen elsewhere on this forum where some posts don't agree about the sizing... why don't you try another style of miu miu pumps on for size. often shoes from the same company will be almost identically sized from one season/style to the next...
  4. I tried those on and found them to be TTS. I wear an 8.5 but my foot is fairly wide. I'm really an 8W.
  5. At most, I would suggest going up half a size. I bought these in a 39, and I probably could have used a 39.5, but you know I'm still going to rock them. LOL I think every shoe is different though because I wear anywhere from a 38.5 to a 40 in Gucci, Prada, and Chanel. Can you try them on before buying them?
  6. I would go half size larger if your foot is wide...since there is a double buckle you dont want to go small and then it creates this weird foot fat thing near the straps if that makes sence..which looks like a foot sausage...haha sorry TMI I know!
  7. [​IMG]
    Gorgeous Miu Miu's ChloeBabe! If it helps, I find Miu Miu's to be true to size. Don't have these particular ones, but I find Miu Miu sizing to be consistent.

  8. thanks guys, I couldnt try these on in any store as they all sold out, and found a pair on eBay that are a 37 (UK 4), but they state they have found them v generous and should fit a UK 5. I am usually between a 37.5 and a 5, so I have bought them, so fingers crossed, I should know tomorrow lol ;)

    I figured I can sell them on if they dont fit, but I really really want a pair so I hope they fit :smile:

    thanks for all your help on these
  9. You have the best shoes! :heart:

    I'm dying for these but can't find them in my size
  10. Ahem!!

    Thought we werent going to talk about these anymore!!!

    Cant believe you got my dream shoes!!

    Enjoy and hope you arenot bringing them to Edin on Friday!!
  11. I went up a half size with my miu miu mary jane platforms b/c I have wide feet. I also use foot petals so my feet don't slide forward. My FAVORITE shoes!!

    congrats - yours are gorgeous, chloe-babe!
  12. So glad you were able to find them! Let us know how they work out! :smile: I was going to wear mine on Sat night, but then I opted for a different pair. hehe
  13. Hee hee, it depends, if they are too tight or not lol! imagine my feet expanding on the plane and then I wont be able to take them off all weekend, and you will kill me :roflmfao::graucho:

  14. oooooh any chance you could take a wee piccie of you wearing them please :tup::smile:
  15. i own the blue and silver ones and sized up. glad u found them!