Question re: Louis Vuitton Stamp

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  1. Hey all!

    Just noticed that the Louis Vuitton stamp on the side of my bag is not as deep/stamped as the one on the site. Is this normal?
  2. I won't say it's defective, but I won't be too satisfy with it either. Try contacting your SA and see what they say or can do about it.
  3. Your bag looks totally normal.
  4. My mono mini pochette also has light stamping like yours. I was told it’s totally normal. It was annoying at first but I’m ok with it now.
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  5. Yes! Very annoying haha
  6. Thanks for re-assurance. Just feel it makes it look fake haha
  7. If people think it's fake because of the depth of the stamping, then they don't actually know much about the brand, and are likely to think other authentic bags are fake.

    I wouldn't care about their misinformed opinions.
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  8. Thank you for this!

    Good dose of reality and information!
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