Question re: Kelly Mou

  1. After reading various threads on traveling H bags, I am thinking of swapping one of my sellier kelly for a kelly mou. It seems to be an ideal travel bag - versatile, day to evening, shoulder strap, secure, collapse nicely into my luggage, etc.

    Doe anyone own one? Is it still available via PO? What leather/colour does it come in? Please post pics for me to drool.

    Here’s a couple of photos I managed to find. I think this is a 32cm rouge vif gulliver Kelly Mou GH.

    kelly mou.gif kelly mou 2.gif
  2. LTC-

    I :heart: mou kellys. I have attached photos. They were originally made in gulliver but have been replaced with swift. I also had a flat kelly but that was not so "user friendly" for me. I like the mou kelly best. I travel with it. I have laid them flat when traveling but do "stuff" them when they are not in use.

    My red and gold kellys are gulliver with ghw while the orange is swift with phw.
    gold kelly twilly.JPG rouge vif kelly twilly.JPG orange kelly twilly.JPG
  3. those are gorgeous! i love how you take the pics in natural light.

    ltc, now you have me thinking of mou. i love soft supple buttery bags! what color are you thinking???
  4. I would like to get one in parchemin ghw or phw in 28cm. It'll be gorgeous! I know they have it in bj, turquoise, rouge h and rose dragee. I have seen swift in vert anis and havane and would like to get those too! (Arggh! It never end!!!)
  5. ABA - those mou are stunning. Just send them all to me for a test run:graucho:

    Kim_Mac - Do get one, board a plane and visit me in Tokyo. Something Red or Rose would be perfect for you.
  6. My very first Hermes bag was a Chocolate Togo Kelly Mou which I loved but eventually sold because I found that I liked Kelly's with more structure better. It's a wonderful travel bag though......

  7. You mean "exchange bag" program? Sort of like an exchange student kind of thing??? Where I take care of your barenia bags and you, my mou kellys??? :graucho: Any time you want to fly over and play with bags - just give me a holler! :p
  8. I love mou, but in my opinion the sellier mou is the very best option: it requires the best craftmanship to handle the situation while constructing it.

    I like sellier mou even better than just sellier or retourné. It really is my favourite.

    If only I could find a picture... I'm sure I had one somewhere... anybody?
  9. all about bags I know you can never stop and it will never end. :tup:

    Licencetocook, These are my kelly mou 28 both in togo leather. I have never travel with kelly yet but will do it one day soon. ;) Do you want me to send the bag for you to try? :graucho:


    IMG_5169.JPG IMG_5170.JPG
  10. i think they each have their own beauty.... each is better than the other for certain occassionals but in general both are gorgeous
  11. I'd love to see a photo too! When I first started researching H, I thought that retourne in melty leather meant 'mou'.

    Sellier moooou, ou es tuuuuu?
  12. L2c I have a black box 'mou' kelly and adore her... mou kelly would be perfect for you:smile:
  13. ltc, i would love one in pink or red. maybe pink, my fav. ahhh! i hope you find your perfect mou traveling companion! i'd love to visit you in japan and we'd hit all the h boutiques and resellers!!! i was in japan a couple of years ago and loved it! especially kyoto. i especially loved the trees with tiny tiny maple leaves.
  14. I have seen kelly sellier (outside stitching) mou bags but they are mostly made with jhanzi chevre material which makes the bag soft. But I have seen these bags mostly in Asia years ago. I do not think they make any bags in jhanzi leather these days.

    The colors I have seen in kelly sellier mou are black, bj and rouge vif. I have a drag mou with outside stitching that is very soft you can squish it! It is actually quite floppy. As with my kellys, I do stuff it when not in use...

    Here is a photo. I bought this bag in an H boutique in HK years ago -
    jhanzi chevre drag.JPG
  15. all about bags!! I love your collection!!!