Question Re: Inside Zippers

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  1. Hi there! I am seriously trying to decide on what will be my first Chanel! I am doing my research and would like to get a (jumbo) flap bag in black. I've done searches and I've been looking at the authentication threads because I'm trying to see what kind of zippers are used on the inside. My question is, are they plastic or metal? I see that the zipper pulls are metal, but the actual length of the zippers look like they're plastic, probably because they are trying to match the zipper color to the color of the bag. Or are they metal zippers that are colored to match the bag color?

    Seems like such an inconsequential detail now that I'm typing it, but I'm so picky about zippers for some reason.

    Also, if they are all plastic, do you know of any other larger size Chanels that have metal zippers on the inside?

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. I don't know about all of the bags, but the one next to me, a Cotton Club Tote, has a plastic zipper that matches my red lining/interior. It has a metal pull.