Question re Indigo Vernis

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  1. I am in LOVE with my Roxbury in Pomme. Was this style made in Indigo (the other Vernis color I really like)?
    If not...what colors was the Roxbury available in? Or even what styles came in Indigo?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. i'm no help, but i like the indigo, too.
  3. Yes, I think Pfer has it in indigo
  4. it's only showing pearle and noisette (is that how you spell it???) on, I'm pretty sure it came in other colours as well
  5. Yes, I remember the Roxbury came in Indigo but I think this has been discontinued.
  6. There was Indigo in the Roxbury and the Reade, but they sold out quickly!
  7. ^^^ yep, you could try 866, tho....I have heard there are a few pieces of Indigo floating around :smile:
  8. I had an indigo roxbury and sold it. Now I miss it.
  9. it was released in indigo...but its discontinued now..

    i really want it in indigo!!!
  10. I'm pretty sure it was available in Indigo...doesn't a tPFer own one???
  11. Yes it was made in Indigo - I have one. It was only available in Indigo, Noisette, Pearle and now Pomme. Originally it was going to be made in the old red (Rouge) but it never happened.
  12. it is gorgeous in indigo!! :drool:
  13. Thanks everyone! I think I'll get some use out of my Pomme...and in the future try dreaded eBay for one...UGH!