Question Re: Hermes Pocket Squares

  1. The Hermes 16" x 16" pocket squares are quite a bit less expensive than the 36" x 36" scarves... and some of the designs are really nice. Do any of you know if the pocket square is large enough to wear around the neck as a small scarf? Thanks.
  2. They are great to wear around the neck. I find them easier that a bigger scarf. There is a great pic somewhere of one of our members wearing one, let me see if I can find it......
  3. I wear a pocket square around my neck practically every day. Today, I'm wearing my Les Triples in the pink colorway. Sure spruces up jeans and a white T shirt! :yes:

    Ignore the goofy grin (my son thinks it is funny to make me laugh every time I try to take a picture of myself) - this is how I wear my pochette scarves.
  4. ^^^Ninja Sue - That's so Pretty the way you wore your scarf with your jeans and T!! Your son put a very GREAT smile on your face! My son always wants to be in pictures I take of myself:nuts:
  5. NS that's too cute! You wear it so nice and I love your big grin :lol:
  6. Cute avatar Fesdu!
  7. VERY nice, NS! I like pocket squares also around my head as sort of a head-band AND I use them to spruce up my bags too......
  8. Here are joanna's pocket squares from the scarf thread in the ref section:
    scarf1b.jpg scarf2b.jpg scarf1a%20.jpg
  9. Great pics Rose...thank you.
  10. Oooh, I've never tried a scarf ring on a pochette scarf! What a great idea. I got the three little tribord scarf rings a couple of weeks ago because my SA said that they are perfect for pochette scarves. Will have to play around with it.
  11. NS, how did you tie yours in your pic? It looks so nice! :flowers:
  12. CB, tell me if this makes sense: open the pochette square so that the printed side is down (the "other" side is facing up). Take one point and bring it in to the center. Do the same with the opposite point (so that you have an oblong). Fold both sides into the center again. Fold one side onto the other so the oblong is long and skinny. Tie a knot in the very center of the now-oblong scarf. Pick up the scarf and put the knot at your throat. Tie the two loose ends behind your neck. Viola! :flowers:
  13. Thank you! I will have to try that today! :flowers:
  14. Thank you all so much for the great ideas!!
  15. What ring is that? Twilly or scarf?