Question re: Heathrow for Trolly Dolly

  1. Or any other Heathrow shopping experts, please help...

    Do you know if there's anyone at Terminal 3 that sells Asprey? I know there's one at T4, but with a 2 hour transit time, I don't want to risk hanging around T3 any longer than necessary.
  2. I don't think there is. After security there is a harrods, I don't know if they sell aspery or not. The harrods there isn't the biggest so I couldn't imagine they would sell much.

    I wouldn't really advise you changing terminals, because during the christmasd period the trams that take you from terminal to terminal are HECTIC. It can take you like 30 minutes waiting in a que. Its ridiculous.:tdown:
  3. We travel through heathrow after the new year every year and it's always a nightmare for us. AMS flights arrive at terminal 4 and we have to change to terminal 3 and invariably arrive directly after some monster flight from air india that has queues going through security that take 45 mins or more!

    Oh, and Sorry I spelled your username wrong! :s
  4. Aw man, I hate work at christmas/new year periods...!

    haha, its all good, not to worry!

    Hope you and your family have a great and safe trip.
    I hope to hear stories about it when you come back ;)! - Just kidding!

  5. i wouldn't risk it, the only terminals that i would change between are 1 and 2 because it's walkable and without security in between. 4 is the furthest away so i'd definitely advise against it. t3 has pretty much the best shopping anyway, although 4 is nicer in general.
  6. While we are on the subject of LHR- what is the transit time from Terminal 5 to Terminal 4? I would be on BA so luggage will be checked thru... and would have 2 hours in between connections. This would be in early April. Would I have enough time to make my flight in terminal 4?
  7. Bumping up for dolly!
  8. t5 isn't open yet so i don't think anyone has any real idea :lol:

    it really depends on immigration, i'm not sure if you have to go through immigration when switching between terminals, if they have buses for connecting passengers between terminals so you don't have to clear immigration you should be fine. generally if they let you book a certain connection it should be ok though. if both flights are on the same airline they'll get you on the next flight anyway if you miss it (if it's their fault, say in case of a delay).
  9. Not necessarily, in the christmas/new year period, the check-in staff can't put passengers on next flights, because it all has to go through the ground staff and then the cabin crew etc.. so that means that the "next" flight won't be the next flight, it could be 3 flights after the flight that you missed.

    But I wouldn't risk it anyway, its not worthwhile.:nogood:

    P.S -
    Roo what does bumping up mean lol?!:confused1:
  10. I don't know exactly because I never travel to terminal 4 because Emirates is based in terminal 3, but its about 10-15 minutes to travel. But make-sure you have plenty time to catch the tram, because usually they run slowly.. (the drivers are like 70 years old, and literally drive at like 15mph..;)) But on a fast day with a good driver, it usually takes like 5-7 minutes.
  11. I am so lost....:push: lol!
  12. :roflmfao:

  13. :lol: i'm not sure why i said next, i must have been half asleep :noggin: i WISH it was always the next flight, i spent 8 hours in copenhagen a couple of years ago when the whole airport was a complete mess and our ticket number for the queue to get rebooked at the connections centre was 500ish. when we got there they were serving number 17 :wtf: we ended up going to the departures hall and the normal ticket office instead :devil:

    depending on when in april it shouldn't be all too bad though, easter is early this year so it might not be as busy as when it falls a couple of days after you're flying.
  14. Thanks for your help, lovely ladies! :tup:
  15. Lol annanas!

    No problemo Roo!! :biggrin: