Question re Glazing on Mini PA

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  1. I picked up a mini PA in store today. It’s so cute! It does, though, have a spot in the glazing that seems rougher...would this bother anyone? Will it get worse over time or is this as bad as it will get? I don’t want it to separate. The SA in store said it wouldn’t, and if it doesn’t, I’m OK with it.

    I know these types of questions can annoy some people—sorry about that! I’m just not as familiar with these products yet. Appreciate the insight. Thanks!

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  2. I’ll check mine over when I get home. But if it was me, knowing this bag is hard to find, I’d live with it and just keep an eye on it and take it in for reglazing the first sign of any issue.
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  3. Thanks for the response! That’s what I was thinking and why I bought it anyway, but thought I’d check around.
  4. First, congratulations!! I'm still searching for this in DE... someday :smile:
    I just checked mine, and the glazing is not like that, but if it were me, it wouldn't bother me. I think if it does get worse, you can always take it back in.
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  5. Thanks! I’m also wanting it in DE :biggrin: Thanks for the reassurance! Im hoping it’s one of those things you notice when inspecting so closely in the beginning and quickly forget about.
  6. None of my mini pochettes are like that but I did have the larger PA in mono that had an OK glaze job on the tab and it did end up splitting. My Azur PA is not like that and still intact.
  7. Thanks for the response. That’s what I’m worried about. Whatever happened with the bag? Did you have it repaired?