question re gathered leather bags

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  1. I love the gathered leather bags but I have a strong preference for outside pockets. Seems on ebay there are some that they're calling gathered satchel that has one outside pocket. Is there another name for this style? Does anyone here have a gathered satchel with outside pocket?
  2. Can you post a picture or link? I'm not sure which bag you are referring to.
  3. here's a pic from ebay

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  4. I had the Sophia from the first type of gathered leather, like this:
    There are factory bags with this kind of gathers; some of them have pockets.
    Then they made a variation, I think it was called twisted, like this:
    Then they made this kind:
    I think it has an outside pocket. The gathers look more random.

    The one you posted looks embossed in a gathered pattern. It doesn't have the definition of the others, IMO. It is MFF. The style number is F29284 and it is called gathered leather satchel.
  5. This is an MFF bag, not sure of the name.
  6. thanks much
    I've seen that gathered twist Phoebe in red at Bloomingdales outlet
    I thought it was pretty but to tall for me and no outside pockets. Plus I have too many bags anyway. But last week I saw a woman carrying a similar bag in a satchel shape and it got me thinking.
  7. thanks :smile: