Question re: first WOC Chanel!!!!

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  1. I bought the black lambskin WOC today! It was the last one that they had the display so i had the sales lady to help me condition it before I bought. Just few quick questions -

    1. worth to buy the last WOC on display? the sales lady said eventually after few use, you'll see some marks on it. THey don't know when the next shipment will be.

    2. does WOC come in a dust bag? mine was just wrapped in a box with some black felt.

    3. should i return it and get the black lambskin in medium for 2x the price of the WOC?

    Thanks ladies!!

    PS: i am saving up for the classic one in Medium.. i can't believe price is now 3,400USD..last year was around 2,800USD? hopefully I can get it with my year-end bonus this year!! :smile:
  2. 1.) It depends on how much u love to have this piece. How's the condition of this display piece? If i am paying full price, I always want a brand new piece.

    2.) WOC doesnt come in dust bag only in a box with felt cloth.

    3.) WOC and medium flap are 2 different bags altogether... u have to decide which one serves u better at this point.

    if i were you... I will not take the display piece IF there are some scratches. I will call up other chanel stores and ask for the WOC i am looking for. I believe there should still be stock somewhere if u try hard enough. Let's say if it's really all sold up, i will go for the medium flap first if i can afford it now else i will wait.

    Unless the display piece is in perfect condition, if i'm desperate i will take it.
  3. i think i am going to keep it for now.. i don't see any big scratches or anything on it.

    i will wait to get the m/l classic in GH in June (my bday). the place where i got my WOC, they give out double stamps for your bday purchase.. so by next june, I'll have full 10 stamps (u get 1 stamp for each 750 purchase) so you'll get 500 dollars of gift certificate.. which i think i'll invest in another WOC - probably in the patent one!!
  4. glad u made a happy decision! :smile:

    maybe get ur 2nd WOC in colored patent? :biggrin:

  5. Now let's see pics!