Question re: F/W 2007 Grape and Jaune

  1. These two colors seem incredibly popular. A lot of people have mentioned in previous threads about being on wait lists for these two colors. But it's also been mentioned that SAs have said there will only be a handful of each style. Are they not getting anymore than that? For example, if you're number five and they're only getting three, what are the chances that you will get it? Those on this forum alone must have filled all the wait lists.
  2. It's probably best that you try your luck on a waiting list. Just call your closest Bal boutique.
  3. The SA at BalNY told me that depending on how long the wait list gets they might increase their order.
  4. But remember, many people put themselves on several lists and then pick one when they can see the bags IRL. And some people just change their mind. For example, I'm on the list for a Yellow Day. I'm sure it's going to be stunning but I might not have the money for it because my cat just had another medical emergency. So I'm probably going to take myself off the list.
  5. OMg! the SA at BAL NY said that there are no waitlist yet for the grape! I called yesterday. Can someone recommend a SA who can put me on waitlist? thnx! and btw, are they making a grape city in the reg. hw?
  6. The Grape/Violet city will come with regular Hardware...
  7. WHAT??!! I was just in BalNY last week and specifically asked to be put on the grape waiting list for three items (2 bags and a wallet). I hope my SA wasn't BSing about putting me on the list!
  8. I called BalNY back in late May and actually did a charge and send for a grape first. I spoke to Daphne (who was super sweet by the way). Weird, I wonder what's up?
  9. :nogood:
    No, your sa wasn't BSing you, in fact the sa that said there is no waitlist was wrong. Yes, it could be possible that you won't get one if they run out, but as you heard above, they may order more depending on how long the waitlist gets. And highgloss is absolutely correct, just because somebody is on the waitlist for a bag or bags does not mean they are for sure going to get them when they come in. They may change their mind completely or only get one bag when they are on the list for a couple different styles. I would deffinitely say it's worth it to get on the list. You also don't have to charge it now, and it won't make a difference to your place on the list either. Your place is the same on the list no matter if you charge it now or not.
  10. I still don't really understand the "waitlist" system at BalNY. I don't know if there is one master wait list for each style/color, or if each SA keeps their own waitlists for their particular customers. I know that I got a call from the manager once asking me if I wanted to purchase an item I had waitlisted with an SA who was no longer at BalNY by the time the item came in. She was contacting everyone on that SA's list - that's the impression she gave me.