Question re:Epi Speedy

  1. I'm a brand new member, so forgive me if this has been covered before. I have yet to purchase an Epi product, and I was wondering if the Speedy gets that "slouchy" lived in, loved look that the MC does. I'm worried that the Epi is too stiff and stuctured and will always look like a medical bag. Comments?
  2. Feel like a goof. Realize I shouldn't ask this in the "Clubhouse". Don't know how to delete.
  3. I'll go ahead and move this to it's right place. ;)
  4. I have an epi and have been carrying it quite a bit recently. It is stiffer than the mono but it does start to slock a bit if its not complety full....
  5. It will loosen up!!
  6. Epi isn't as stiff as it seems...there are two types of Epi Speedys--the hard ones and the soft ones. The older models (ie. lilac Epi, old red, black with gold hardware) are the hard types and the newer ones (ie. ivoire, new red, black with silver hardware) are the soft ones. The soft ones are easier to get into and will sag more than the hard ones...but that also means that they're more prone to wrinkles.