Question re Epi Speedy....Am I missing Something?

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  1. Hey all....

    So I took Ms. Speedy out this morning for her maiden voyage...and I noticed there is no lock. Is there supposed to be one? The zipper pull and side tab have the hole for a lock....but the hardware is silver. So am I supposed to have a silver lock?

    Please let me I can call and get my SA to put one aside for me immediately!
  2. Yes...You are suppose to have a silver lock...
  3. Yes, there should be a lock but I would recommend NOT putting it on (unless the color of your bag is dark) as it will discolor the leather of the tab and the actual bag under the tab. It does come off with baby wipes but still.
  4. ARGGGGGGGGGG.....thank you soooooooo much ladies!!!!!!! I'll be calling the second they open.
    He pulled it out of the back stockroom and it still had the cardboard and plastic on the outside so I bet he didn't even check.

    Irene: It's the new you think it'll tarnish and mess up the leather?
    Or I could possibly just put it on and take it off each time I use it.
  5. Oh...and I should say....I did look in all the inside pockets for one and couldn't find one (I did find the care booklet though).
  6. Actually, yours should be fine because your bag has pal. hardware (mine is still the crappy brass one). I don't think pal. will tarnish.
  7. I hope you will get your lock and keys twiggers
  8. Thanks Irene!
    Thanks too!!! I usually make them check it before I leave....I was too distracted this time!

    I'll let you guys know what they tell me in about an hour when they open!
  9. is it fabulous? that's the bag i want. and i think i love the new red and palladium hardware. do you have pics?
  10. hey finn.....I do love it!
    I have pics in another thread I started yesterday (it should be still on page 1).
    I also posted pics in the visual aids thread and also in the Epi Club.
  11. Good luck getting your lock!
  12. Please post pictures of you wearing your new red speedy...are you color coordinating your outfit???
  13. Well I got off the phone with my SA and he is dropping it in the mail today (even though I'm heading back to the store on the weekend he wanted to mail it so I'd get it faster!).

    Damier: I posted modelling pics yesterday in my slouchy sweats! It's in the visual aids thread! As for today....I'm wearing black jeans, black ballet slippers, a black long sleeve top with a tee over top ...and the tee is one of those Gap "Red" shirts for I've got a little tiny bit of red to match the bag!
  14. Sweet...looks great! Loved your outfit! Very chic for a red speedy! How much fun was it to carry your new bag??!! :smile: