Question re ebay seller with coach tags all the time

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  1. Where would an ebay seller get a contuinual large supply of handbag tags for Coach bags? There is a particular seller I have in mind. She/he seems to always have a large current assortment of just the tags, not bags with tags. Does Coach sell just the tags? How does this person get their hands on such things?
  2. Coach used to supply tags if one was lost. You just had to call and give them the serial number and they would mail one out. I don't know what the policy is now. It could be that they are getting them that way.
  3. It would seem they would be having to ask for a lot & wouldn't that be a red flag to Coach? I am not talking about selling one or two now & again that could be off your own bag. I am referring to a continuous supply of multiples.
  4. Lizmil, I don't get this either!!! I'm a hangtag JUNKIE, and even have a TpF friend who sends me her extra's (she's not a huge hangtag user.) Now, I have a good assortment of hangtags, but IF I sold them regularly I wouldn't have a ONE!!! Now, this is coming from someone who even get's another persons hangtags AND buys some of the more unusual ones here and there. Either something is FISHY as heck, they're going into multiple outlets/boutique's and stealing them off of the bags OR there is a way to get them in bulk from Coach.
  5. they are probably stealing them (easy enough to do and they always fall off the bags onto the floor). The person could also be working for coach and stealing the extra hand tags. At my store, we have a huge bin in the back where we put all the tags & straps we find on the ground and there are LOTS of hang tags. I don't think there is anything legit about what this seller is doing (unless they have a HUGE coach collection and don't like the tags).
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    Personally, I think this happens a lot ^^^^^^.
    Twice now I've been burned at the outlet by buying a bag that has the nice metal hangtags,(one was gold and one rhinestone) and I didn't even notice till I got home that the hangtag was missing (this happened about a year apart, not back-to-back trips or anything). Now I'm vigilent about checking for the hang-tag.

    I've tried twice now to get replacements from Coach CS (for these two and two older leather bags I lost the hangtags to) and was told they can no longer provide leather replacements because there are SO many leather colors out there, so they offered silver or gold, but I never did receive them (about six months later, tried to request them again~even mentioning that I never received any from my first request~ and still never received them after the second request). Frustrating to say the least, especially if the reason I never got them is because they thought I was just going to resell them...
    And it also irks me because I hear other TPFers getting replacements (and in leather too) all the time! I can't understand why some people get them and others don't???
  7. Yea, I got a bag in the mail from Nordies with no tags (the ocelot hailey, with the nice metal and jewel tags) :sad: I called and Coach told me they don't provide "decorative tags" just plain ones....I am sure someone nabbed them off that bag :sad: it bums me out...and I ended up buying replacement tags off ebay. :sad: Oh well.
  8. Liz.... I have seen this a lot too and always wondered if they were fakes.
  9. or it could be a reseller who is buying the bags with hangtags, removing them and selling them in separate auctions to make more money. that means they would be getting two shipping fees and we all know that some people rip us off when it comes to shipping charges. speaking of re-sellers.....saw a guy with about 40 bags at leesburg yesterday in line to check out. ugh...i was disgusted to say the least. that really peeves me off. so yeah, i understand that you should be able to buy whatever and however many of something you want but geez it makes it hard for people who just want one bag for themselves to find one. thank god he only had mff stuff or i wouldn't have been able to keep my mouth shut.
  10. I've never seen this particular seller with anything except tags.
  11. at least not under that particular seller name. they could be using another one. people are sneaky!
  12. that's true. Hadn't thought of that.
  13. someone stole a bunch of the tags off our bags at macys, we were so mad when we figured it out. that's my best guess as to where they come from, i saw someone who listed the exact same ones were stolen too, but idk if it was the person who took them. it's crazy though.
  14. I have also seen a seller with lots of hangtags! The metal ones or the random leather ones did not arouse my curiosity. However, this seller has had a regular supply of the fancy Peyton Inlaid Tote multiple charm hangtags!

    She has stated that these are authentic and that she removed them from her own bags! But I have seen her sell atleast "3" of the exact colored hangtags!
    So why would someone own "3" of the exact same bags?:wtf::wtf::wtf:

    Me thinks some bags are in stores without their fancy hangtags!
  15. Yes, that was my point a continued supply of multiple tags for the same style bag from her personal supply... really?