Question re: Ebay problem (LV)....

  1. Ok as some of you may remember I had won a Deauville on eBay a few weeks ago. When I got the bag is was NOT as described and I told the seller that. It had an AWFUL smell, water marks near the handles and a black mark on one of the handles. She emailed me back and VERY rudely said "mail it back and I'll sell it to someone else". I emailed her last night to let her know it should be there tomorrow and I would like my money refunded through Paypal. This morning I get an email from her saying that she will refund my money but AFTER she gets her FEES paid for???? I emailed back and said that I expected ALL my money refunded incl shipping since she misrepresented the item, and also for the fact that I SPECIFICALLY asked if there was an odor and she said none.......

    Am I wrong? Shouldn't I get ALL my money back? Is it my job to pay for her fees on the auction?

    Thanks for any input!
    Oh and she already left me + feedback (before this all occurred), can she change that? What should I leave her?
  2. No,you are not responsible for her eBay fees!!! Try emailing her one more time saying that she needs to refund you completely because if not your next step is going to be reporting to eBay,if she will still refuse,then file a claim with ebay that item is significally misdiscribed and misrepresented!She may post you a negative feedback,but dont be scared of that---you will post her negative too.Unfortunately many people loose their money or get stucked with misrepresented items because of the fear of negative feedback from the dishonest seller,but you should not be afraid of that,just keep on fighting,actually its not really a fight ---you will get your money back if you will follow the ebay steps to file a claim!:yes: So email the seller one more time,then wait 3 days for response,if silence---proceed to filing!!
    I hate dishonest sellers!!!!I wish you to get your money back asap!!!!!;)
    ps---excuse my english---it is a second language for me:smile:
  3. Yes,one more thing---you need to hurry up---you said you won it few weeks ago---i think you can file a claim only within 60 days of purchase,i might be wrong but it is something like that!!:yes:
  4. there is something called a mutual unpaid item agreement. if you agree to do the return and you both fill out the form ebay will refund her her fees.
  5. i dont think this is the case for the unpaid item agreement,because she paid and she received the item!it is misrepresented item!!:yes:
  6. there is an option for the mutual unpaid item agreement where you can check "buyer has decided to return the item for a refund"
  7. hey, it is NOT your responsibility to pay her ebay fees. ebay states that it is up to the seller to pay the fees they incur. NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    escalate it to a claim immediately, too. don't dilly dally. git er dun!
  8. What exactly does the "mutual unpaid item agreement" mean? I paid for the item, so it's still considered "unpaid item"? Will this affect my feedback? (it's at 100%) and I'd like to keep it that way. I don't understand why she would get her fees back since she misrepresented the item?

    Sorry for all the questions, just a little confused and I don't completely trust the seller to fill me in on this stuff! LOL

  9. Don't worry about your feedback as a buyer being scammed, you should not be responsible for anything with that SMELLY handbag, Report the seller to ebay immediately and do not pay her a dime, These people have to be stopped and we need you to help stop them.
  10. She'll get back her fees if you click Mutual Agreement Not To Complete the Transaction on eBay. Don't be fooled by her! You can claim as item isn't significant w/desc.
  11. You need to file a paypal dispute asap since youre under a time limit, if you already filed the dispute, escalate it to a claim (should be an option there) so that the Paypal staff can review the case after you have explained your point IN DETAIL, details are very important when they make their decisions.

    Also, youre not responsible for her ebay fees, sometimes buyers let the shipping slide.. but since you had to pay to ship it back to her demand a FULL refund, and put all those details in the claim.. Also contact ebay
  12. "Mutual Agreement Not To Complete The Transaction" isn't mean that you not pay her but in mutual agreement, there're some choice to explain why you not compete the transaction. That mutual can open by seller only but she's to open dispute first.

    No, not effect to your feedback. If she intend to leave you +feedback, it will still count on your feedback except. if you get unpaid item strike, although seller leave you +feedback, it won't count in your feedback.
  13. When i receive a fake or a misrepresented item, I usually give the seller a chance to send me a refund and come to some kind of agreement, because the PayPal process takes so damn long... like up to 2 months.

    I think best scenario is, seller files mutual agreement, you accept, you send back the bag, she refunds you all your money...
  14. Regarding the feedback question, as I understand it as she has already left f/b it can't be changed. However, even if it could, I would resist being held hostage to the possibility of negative feedback and concentrate only on trying to resolve the dispute (and I do think this unfortunately should become a dispute given the efforts to which you have gone to try to resolve things informally)
  15. If you paid for this item via CC, just file a chargeback with them. They're much more reliable than paypal.