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Aug 18, 2007
Please delete my thread, if this is inappropritate. =)

Just wanted to ask my fellow pfers who use ****** on Ebay purchases, if the cashbacks work on "Best Offer" option?

I've done a couple of Best Offers, but never got my rebates. =(

I would help but I have no idea what website you're talking about since it's censored. I know that when eBay was still with the LuckyMag rewards program you had to either make a bid (and eventually win) or use BIN to get the cash back. I would guess that it's similar with other programs.
The website in question has been automatically censored (I don't think we are allowed to mention the name on tPF).

But to answer your question, yes the cashback offer through that program works if you use best offer. It should take 2-3 days to process. If it hasn't processed by then just email that program's customer support with your transaction number, date, time, total amount, link to the ebay auction, and the auction ID#. You should get a credit within a few days!

Good luck!
The cashback works only with BIN purchases on fbay, unless they're not following their own Terms. I have never heard of anyone getting cashback with BO.
From the Microsoft Service Agreement:

Qualifying Purchase
To make a qualifying purchase, you must do all of the following:

  • Search for an item on

  • Click on an sponsored advertisement on that has the cashback icon a gold circle with a dollar sign, next to the advertisement. When you click on the advertisement, you will begin an online session. Sponsored advertisements typically appear at the top or along the right hand side of the page of a search results page in a shaded or colored area of the page.

  • Purchase an eligible Buy-It-Now item using PayPal within 60 minutes of the time you began the online session. Cashback Rewards will apply only to the first eligible item you commit to buy during an online session. You may make only one qualifying purchase per online session.

  • To make additional qualifying purchases, you must repeat each of these steps including initiating a new search on
Only certain items selected by eBay from time to time in its sole discretion will be eligible for Cashback Rewards. eBay will notify you on the purchase review page of the Buy-It-Now transaction process if the item you wish to purchase is not eligible. Please review the purchase review page carefully before you commit to buy an item. Please note, the following will always be ineligible for Cashback Rewards: purchases that are completed on or; purchases of automobiles or other vehicles; purchases of real estate. Cashback Rewards cannot be transferred or applied to multiple accounts.
The answer is YES - Best Offer does work on that particular program that shall remain nameless...

LOL... exactly :lol:!!

Additionally, karmen is 100% right... microsoft cashback does not work with Best Offer. If you want cashback through Best Offer you can use ebay rewards (random ebay users are invited) or you can use another cashback rebates program (there are tons of choices, just do a google search :smile:).