Question re: Cosmetic Bag

  1. I am loving all these great pics in cars etc to drool over....I am BARELY restraining myself until the end of december for my bag!!!! The pics help LOL! As I have been looking over stuff, I saw the BV cosmetic bags and I have a the interior lined in something easily washable, like nylon? I would love to get a few other accessories while getting my bag and wallet and definately could use a new cosmetic bag....but don't want to invest the $ if it'll get messy and I can't wipe or wash it. Anyone have any info???? Thanks!!!!
  2. mine is lined in nylon but I wouldn't know how to wash it! :yes:
  3. i'd be scared to wash it because i might get the leather wet! that's why i use the cute free cosmetic bags that come w/ gwp.
  4. I'm not sure about the material on my cosmetic appears like cotton to me :confused1:
    that said I have one with beige lining and the two others lined in black. so far I haven't seen the need to wash them...:shrugs: not much help from me here, sorry :sad:

    I suggest you ask the SAs at BV when you get the chance to drop by a boutique.

    good luck on your BV bag purchase next you mind sharing what you have in mind? :shame:
  5. I love to share my wacky obsession - my purchase next month!!! I figured others might be getting sick of hearing about it, but since you asked LOL.....I am leaning towards a med. or large veneta in either nero or ebano. Having said that, I want to postpone any decisions or purchases until I can try them on and see them in person...maybe something else will grab me and scream, "BUY ME!!!!". I will be going to Honolulu at x-mas time and there are 2 BV's in and near Waikiki so I have lots of opportunity for checking everything out.

    As for the cosmetic bags...I read some of them are lined in nylon and some cotton. I also read that pulling out the lining (away from the leather) and wiping it worked well. I am not messy with make-up but still.....something always gets on your bag. Lined in black would be great!!!! I will definately talk to the SAs while at BV regarding this!!!
  6. Mine is lined in nylon so if I want to clean it I'll use a clorox wipe, and I'm very careful to avoid touching the leather.
  7. I have the cosmetic bag in brown and love it. Have had it for 4 years and yes the inside is nylon or something but has stayed cleaned and I have it jammed.
  8. Just curious.. what is gwp? :confused1:
  9. gwp = gift with purchase. I think that ally24k is referring to the cosmetic bags that come free when beauty companies like lancome and clinque are having promotions. I use them too!