Question RE: Commission in retail.

  1. I have a question... I met with a retail store a few weeks ago and their rate is $12.... but their commission isnt off everything you sell. it works in a way that $12 is your base wage which is supposed to equate to 7% of your sales. Once you sell more than X amount (so that $12 is more than 7% of your sales), you get 7% commission off everything you sell over that x amount. I've never worked retail so I am wondering how hard it is to get comission at all if that is the case. Does the average person end up making more than $12/hr? It seems you need to sell a lot. :s
  2. It depends when you are working. You will have NO problem with reaching your base rate during the holidays and you will end up making an avg. of $20-30/hr!

    When I use to work retail, I believe I had to sell $150/hr so if I was working 4 hrs (my favorite shifts, HAHA!), I would have to sell $600. Say during that shift I sold $1000, 7% of $400 would be going towards my paycheck. That means during my 4 hrs shift, I got paid $76 and that avgs. $19/hr!

    I'm not sure if all retail stores work like that but the situation you described sounds like it. I've also heard that some stores pay you either commission or hourly... if you make more commission than you are paid hourly, your check is all commission and no hour pay.
  3. ugh.........

    i need to get into one of those jobs!

    :smile: i'm averaging a little over 300 sph this month. *sigh*

    i ended last year with 335?