question re bonded cats

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  1. Having recently lost one kitty, we now have one remaining. He's about 14 and I think he's enjoying being the only cat after being dominated by the other cat for most of his life.
    Since I've never had success adding cats to my household when one was a few years old, I'm thinking maybe someday I'd like to adopt a bonded pair (either littermates or not). But I had a friend years ago who said she had two littermates and they loved each other so much they didn't have much use for people. I have to say she also had dogs and I think she loved the dogs more than the cats.
    What's been your experience with bonded cats?
  2. Just because they're littermates doesn't mean they are bonded. I adopted 2 sets of littermates, one love each other the other dislike each other very much. The bonded pair are more than happy to hang out with me or hubby when we're home. They are also happy to give each other a bath and nap together when we are gone. I have never seen a cat that chose a cat over his/her people. Maybe I am lucky.
  3. that's interesting. I always thought if you adopted two kittens from the same litter they'd love each other
  4. Growing up we adopted two siblings but I am not sure I would ever call them bonded. Sometimes they napped together, but my cat slept with me every night and my sister's slept with her. They were pretty much polar opposited in terms of personality - much like their owners. :biggrin:
    ETA We got them when they were kittens - probably six weeks and they were the only cats in the household for their entire lives.
  5. I'm learning here. Someone else had posted that she adopted two bonded cats - one 4 years old and one 8 years old. So I guess being siblings doesn't necessarily make a difference.
  6. In 2013 I found a stray male kitten and then a month later my female Bengal was ready to be picked up from the breeder. When they first meet they didn't get along but now they are bonded. They also have bonded with myself and my mum. My Bengal tends to cuddle with me more and our DMH (stray) cuddles more with my mum. I think the best thing to do would be to get a male and female that are close in age. Siblings or not doesn't matter I don't think. But have them desexed and keep them indoors