Question re Black pst

  1. I got a very early Mother's Day present from DH. He bought it from the Chanel Boutique in Nordstrom but it came with a gold harwdare. I wear platinum and white gold so I would rather have silver but the SA told him it's not available in silver, was it just a limited piece ?
    Also on a nicer note, he got it for $1095, because the SA got it from the back and he said it still had the old price tag :yahoo: and he will honor it.
  2. I'm not sure the PST has come in black/silver yet, I only know the GST did for sure that's a new combo for Chanel.
  3. PST comes with silver hardware but there isnt many around...I guess its due to high demand..!! I was planning to get the PST in gold HW too but I dont know if it would look mature on me!!
  4. I wanted the black w/ silver hardware, but my SA said the black never came with silver hardware. :sad:

    I know Chanel made the white PST with silver and with gold. I'm not sure which other colors came with silver hardware.