Question re: black (nero) bow bag, season 1

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  1. This is the one that got away from me--actually I had it and returned it due to finances. So regret doing that.

    Does Miu Miu still produce the nero in UNGLAZED black calfskin? At least, I think it was calfskin, but not sure; I just remember it being the most delicious leather. If they are not still producing it, I will look for it on evilbay, but thought someone here might know.

  2. I am not sure if they are bringing unglazed leather back for bows but I have seen coffers this season in the unglazed version,...not sure about the leather, I always get confused
  3. Thanks, butterfly. I noticed the coffers are back in that amazing unglazed black--beautiful.
  4. net-a-porter has one in the unglazed black coffer and one white.

    hope this helps.

    But I also would love the satchels back in unglazed leather- havent seen them since about 2 years here in Europe.
  5. I personally like the glazed leather better, easier to care for and the smells is my personal drug
  6. Thanks, Saskia, not in the market for a coffer yet; still have a craving for the bow bag I let go of 2 years ago. :sad:
  7. i have the season one bow in nero. I :heart: it.. and i still can't believe all those price increased!
  8. Yeah, the price increases are outrageous--another reason I regret giving it up!

    The smell of the unglazed nero was also yummy--I still remember it!:biggrin:
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