Question re: back to school sales in NYC

  1. I have a question for the PFers from New York! I'm planning on going to new york sometime in the next month or so and it dawned on me that if i wait until the last week of August, i might be able to take advantage of some back-to-school type sales. Can you girls let me know if that's the case?? If so, which weekend would it be??

    Also, I think I heard somewhere there's usually no sales tax on clothing under $100 or something like that right before school starts. Can anyone confirm that??

    Thanks!!!!!! :yes:
  2. For some strange reason I think last week was tax Free week in NYC.

    I never heard it publicized but when I did shopping I wasn't paying it. SO who knows.
  3. all clothing and footwear under $110 per item is always tax free. Accessories are not included. Back to school sales for the most part are in effect now so that they are in conjunction with spring/summer clearance.

    This time of year is great to shop in NYC as most major retailers are having some kind of sale.
  4. Yah, no tax for under a hundred!

    And don't forget to hit up Century 21. It's insane, but you'll find stuff CHEAP. They had this cute D&G pouchette for 20 bucks, cheap chloe and 1/2 price italian designers, botkier was 1/2 price too, too bad nothing spoke to me.

    And if u decide to venture into Jersey because u have a friend with a vehicle, either hit up Jersey Gardens for Neiman Marcus Last Call, Saks Outlet and Cahoe's for more cheap designers. Daffy's is pretty awesome too. Secaucus outlets are only useful for a handful of outlet's, my personal favorite being Gucci.
  5. thanks girls!! i can't wait to already dreaming of woodbury commons...
  6. I second NYC Fashionista's Century 21 suggestion. If you can get there on a weekday in the a.m. (they usually open at 7:45), it is not bad AT ALL. You practically have the place to yourself, comparatively speaking of course. The deals there are amazing. My most recent handbag finds include a Kate Spade pink snakeskin leather clutch for $24 (retail was $165), a Kate Spade leather Wynn bag in rose for $50 (retail was $375).
  7. thanks for sharing the century 21 secret girls! i never seem to see anything there...but i'm always going on saturday afternoons...i'll have to get there bright and early next time then!!!
  8. I have another question for you girls...I know that whenever I come to NY and shop at Macy's, I can get an additional 11% off since I'm a tourist from out-of-town. Are there similar discounts at any other department stores, e.g. Saks, Bloomingdales, etc.?

    Thanks again!!!!!!!!
  9. I have never heard of an out of town discount. The only thing I tell people visiting from out of town in addition to "shop at Century 21" is not to go to Planet Hollywood without visiting the link below to get a VIP line pass. You can waste hours waiting in line there but my friends (particularly those who's first trip it is to NYC) always insist on going. Just find an employee and show them the pass. You get to stand on the other side of the velvet rope and bypass the line. Plus there are a lot of fabulous costumes on display.

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  10. thanks for the tip jillian!

    i think maybe it's a from-out-of-the-country discount. it's 11% at macy's - you just have to show them your passport or some sort of foreign ID and they'll give you a discount card valid for 2 days i think.

    i'm just wondering if any of the other department stores do the same thing...
  11. Hi! I'm from England and I came to New York last Summer and every time i paid for something (even if it was under $100), there was still tax! I shopped in Macy's, Barney's, Centruy 21, etc. and each time there was tax! Are there any exceptions?
  12. ^^^The "no-tax" is only for a certain period of is not for the entire summer, per say. Here in Florida, it is only for one week.
  13. Clothing under $110 there isnt anytax.This was started a month ago. The stuff that are excuded are Wallets,bags ect!:smile: