question Re azur noe

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  1. I'm really petite, only 5"1 50lbs
    would azur noe (large) be too big on me and make me look stout? lol
    thanks for your help ~
  2. i meant to say 100lbs lol
  3. I think it really depends on your preferences. I know some short, thin girls who love big bags. I'm a few inches taller than you, but I don't like big bags, so I think the Noe is too big for me, but it could be perfect for you. I say you should try it on and see how *you* feel.
  4. The regular Noe is HUGE for me and I am 130lbs, 5'4. You should get the Petit Noe which has plenty of room inside :yes:
  5. If only they made the azur in a petite noe! I would be all over that!!!
  6. It is a really big bag. Try to go see it in person.