Question re: authentications on tPF.....

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  1. I'm wondering how members can know who is qualified to authenticate their items in the various sub-forums. I recently checked on a handful of them and don't see any mention of specific names of those who are actually authenticating for the specific brands.

    I think this would be helpful information for those requesting authentications on their bags so that they know who they should be seriously listening to as opposed to someone just giving their personal opinion.
  2. Hmmmm, no one can chime in here and clear this up for me? I'm sure others want to know the answer as well.......
  3. I had this same question. For some brands I'm aware of who can be relied upon to be an expert because they are either moderators and / or active in the thread giving excellent advice, background and insight. For some brands I have no clue.

    I'd love to hear how this is monitored to ensure integrity in the process. I really appreciate the time the authenticators give but I worry someone may be able to weigh in without the skill necessary to do a good job.

    As an alternative, we can all always pay for authentications on our items. I always do that even if I get a TPF authentication for peace of mind and to use if I should need to return an item.
  4. Thanks Sparkle, I too pay for separate authentications just for the security.
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    As far as I understand it, members who are loyal to the brand and are known to others on the forum to be very familiar with the brand are the authenticators. Within each sub-forum, there are those who are very familiar with certain bags of each brand, and of those regular authenticators, those people will ask for help from other members if they are unable to authenticate an item because it isn't something they regularly see or are familiar with. I know, in the BV forum, we regularly assist each other in making sure we've provided a good authentication. And we do ask, if you want something more, that you pay for an authentication service, as we certainly can't get payment for something we freely provide out of love for the design house. I feel that the authentications provided here are for peace of mind and for the knowledge that you've just purchased or are going to purchase something that's real.

    But obviously - you'll want to get "professional" authentication done if you want paperwork for your insurance company or something.

    There are members who specialize in vintage, those who specialize in extremely expensive, those who specialize in one type of bag or the other. You can trust that whoever you see the most in each 'authenticate this' thread are the most knowledgeable, but sometimes we'll post that we'd like to wait for something until someone more experienced can voice their opinion, and sure enough - a longtime member will stop by and give us their opinion and we're good as gold.

    As I've fallen hard for one design house or brand, I've gotten to know the bags on my own, so then when I ask for authentication, I feel it adds to my knowledge.

    There's always the first horrible time you get a bag that's not authentic, and from then on, if you are a tPF member, you know where to go to get help.

    A service that's provide for free out of the love of the members for their favorite design house or brand.

    Nothing more could be asked, and I think it's wonderful!

  6. What I'm actually asking is more for newbies and those who've never been on the forums before. It can be confusing trying to navigate how to get an AT so it would be helpful if the first page that states format, etc. also let people know who the AT's are so they can focus on those posts rather that possibly someone else who may not be qualified.....hope that makes sense.

    There are set rules on the authentication pages as to format, it would also be helpful to state that the authenticators helping you today are ______, ______, and _______.
  7. Ah, I understand now. Well, since this is an all volunteer show by many who may or may not have 'real jobs', it would be impossible to assign authentications to specific people, as there would be no way of knowing if they were available at any given time.

    You have a place a level of trust in the people who respond to the authentication requests, that is all you can do. For newbies or people who haven't been here before, it is often not as confusing as you'd think. Many come to the authentication areas just for that alone and then we never see them again.

    I guess what I'm trying to say: There is usually no one person who does authentications; it's a community-led effort by the pros in each respective area. That's the best I can do.

  8. I find with most authentication forums that a few people chime in re authentication of a particular item so you get a few opinions at a time. Although I have noticed some authentication threads have one or two specific people who do it and they have a go at anyone else who responds/helps. Sometimes a bag is obviously fake or other advice is given and for me, more than one opinion would be good to clarify. This is all authentication based on pictures and often pictures the seller provides which may not be what they send. The more input the better I think but some threads don't like that which leaves me sceptical at times.

    I think if you are looking to get a bag authenticated check out the thread for the past few pages and see who helps out there which will give you an idea on who may respond to your request. And there's nothing wrong with a few chiming in to confirm authentication or not... Every bit of info helps.
  9. you get what you pay for. it is free, ultimately, so it's hit and miss if you even get a response b/c the people are volunteers and have their own requirements for what they will look at and etc. i have used an online service for help in the past, but now i just stick to buying from Yoogis or Fashionphile or other reputable sites that pre-authenticate for you and have great reputations.
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    This is true I have seen bags deemed authentic where there is only one authenticator that are fake with a couple of clear markers (not a common occurrence) . But as I said above some don't like anyone else to give opinions besides themselves so therefore the person buys based on that one opinion and gets a fake they think is ok.

    But even paid authentications can get it wrong. It is only pictures they get after all.
    The only way to avoid fakes completely is to buy new (which is the path I choose) from authorised stockists only.