Question re. addl. Coach 20% off factory purchase

Nov 16, 2007
Giant Sequoia Redwoods, Calif.
MANY MANY thanks to the member who supplied the link to print off the Coach factory coupon for an addl. 20% off. I didn't know that it existed. I have a question. I printed off 2 of these coupons as we will be travelling up the northern Calif. Coast next week and will be stopping at the Petaluma factory store on our way up and at the Gilroy factory store on the way home. Does anyone know if I could use one coupon at one store and the other at the 2nd store, or is it strictly one store only. Thanks, Anne


Feb 23, 2009
I've used multiples of these coupons at the same outlet during the same coupon period (the ones without your name and info on them) and not had any problems.