Question re 866Vuitton Purchasing

  1. So I'm searching for a bag...called my SA and the store doesn't have it. So I called the 866 number. Very nice gentleman locates my purse...says closest one is in PA (not a short drive from Indiana lol). Anyways....he says I can order from them, they'll charge $10 shipping + sales tax.
    When I buy from my SA in Illinois and have it shipped I don't get charged sales tax because it's out of state.
    The tax on this purse will only be about $50...but hey $50 is $50.

    is there a way to get around this? Can I have my SA order it to his store and then have him ship it and save sales tax?
    When I asked the 866 guy if I could just call PA store he said's a big store and it'll just get routed to the 866 number...and still pay sales tax.

    Any advice?
  2. I know my Sak's LV will ship it for $14 and I won't pay tax... I know when I have ordered from 866 Vuitton, they have charged me tax when it comes from an LV store...I have never fought them on it though.. It was when the MC craze was in full swing.
  3. I've never purchased anything directly from 866, but I have heard that that is common practice. However, I think if they told you what store it was at, you could call the store yourself and if you don't have an LV in you state, they would at least not charge you sales tax.

  4. Elongreach took the words out of my mouth, twiggers call the store that the SA told you the bag was at and have them ship it to you, where you can save on the taxes. :yes:
  5. Thanks all!!!!
  6. When I called the 866 in a desperate attempt to procure a Cerises pochetter, I was told the same thing.