1. I got this gucci bag as a gift
    i have the beige with dark brown trim....

    I kind of like the black on black better than the beige with dark brown leather.....what do you guys think???

    I feel really weird saying this, but should i exchange it??? better yet CAN i exchange it? My brother bought it from vegas a few months ago...and im just not LOVING it....havnt carried it ONCE

    But the thing is, i have the excat matching wallet, im not a huge wallet fan i used to just use my gucci planner because most gucci wallets are HUGE but i finnally found a slim one and it matches the bag do i keep the bag just because itll look cute with the matching wallet....or should i return it?

    better yet, its been so long CAN i exchange it for the black on black one???? :sad:

    CONFUSED!!!!!! :hysteric:

    what do u guys think?
  2. I just bought 2 bags recently at the Beverly Hills Gucci and I asked what the return policy was and I was told they have a 10 day return policy. Since you want to exchange it and not return it I am not sure. I would just take it in and give it a try. You have nothing to lose at this point. Good Luck. Let us know what happens.
  3. thanks beljwl, thats a good idea u think its cute? like should i just keep it??? I mean i have this bag Gucci

    but then again it matches my wallet excatly!!

    im so damn confused :sad:

    and another thing...ok dont make fun of me but i HATE returning things! ever since i was little ive been deathly afraid of returning/exchanging i think im being annoying or a burdan and i dont want to do that

    yes yes yes i know im weird....

    but ok is the black THAT much more cute than the beige? worth the hassle?
  4. i hate returning things too for that reason. I rarely return things.
  5. ^^^ I have the same bag you have and love it...I use it in the summer and it's perfect for a quick pop to a casual summer outfit...I guess you could try to return it, but I would feel totally guilty trying to do that after using it already...I'm like you..I hate returning but do it if it's a matter of wasted spent money..I would be paranoid that the SA at GUCCI would 'know' I was lying...
  6. I think the beige is cuter for that bag. It makes a really cute summer bag. Plus you have a matching wallet. But if you don't think you will use it I would try to exchange it. I personally have WAY more tan/beige/brown bags than I do black and the funny thing is I wear more black clothes than I do brown. Besides my 20+ various color Coach bags. I have two beige Gucci's, one chocolate guccissima leather Gucci, and one pink Gucci. No black. I guess I know what needs to be one of my next purchases. That is after I get my first LV which I hope is VERY soon. See another brown bag.

    PS I love the chain hobo you also have.
  7. omg i love you guys!!! i thought i was the only one out there that hated returning things!!! or even exchanging them, in my theory i dont want any SA remembering me as the girl that came in and bugged us...i want to have a beautiful relationship with us so they are my friends and they will HELP me when i first enter the store hehe :smile:

    But yeah ive NEV ER even taken the bag out of the dustbag...but ur right the beige GUciis are just cuter, i have 3 beige, two black and one pink :smile:

    thanks so much for ur advice beljwl, emmy and coach_prada...and even more thanks for making me feel normal for hating returning things! :smile:
  8. ^ You are too cute!! Of course we're all alike..We're bag addicts on the pf!!!! Good luck..Keep us posted!
  9. hehe soooo i have an idea, my mom just got here...i think im gonna ask her to exchange it for me! I honestly would use the black one more....and this way maybe shell buy me something newwwwww! haha im such a brat

    its so frustrating not working!!! I quit my job to study for the LSATs, now im accepted to a few law schools and im like hmmm lets get my GMATs out of the way cuz i just MUST get my im tottally living off my family (im indian and not married, so its ok hahahahhahahaha way to sterotype myself huh!).....

    BUT the problem is, me no work = me no have money for new purses = me have to give momma a reason to buy me one hahaha

    ok so i know this is kinda silly but do any of you own LVs too? Ive never owned or wanted to own a LV jsut because there are soooo many fakes out there and i dont want anyone to confuse my real one with a fake, didnt see the point...i know im crazy but deal with it ;) haha

    but now im leaning towards buying one....what do u guys think? switch over to the LV side? (insert dark music here) taaaaaananananaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  10. and pardon my self diagnosed ADD,....i jump around in my posts like no other!!!! haha :smile:
  11. I felt the exact same way. Are people going to assume that mine is also fake since it seems like 99% are fake. I am going to finally break down and in 15 minutes on my way home from work and I am stopping at the Beverly Center LV and buying my first LV. I am getting the Batignolles Vertical :yahoo: .

    After this purchase I swear no more purses. Yeah right like that has ever stopped me before. Well at least no more until the next Gucci sale.
  12. this time you should be home with your brand new baby!!! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!

    I wanna see pics stattttttt!!! :smile:


    I just talked my way into getting one in the next couple of months from my a congrats (law schools hard to get in to ;) hahaha

    Now i will start my research, oh man oh man what will i chose???? how did u choose that one?

    YAY!!! you go girl :smile:
  13. I just got home and I actually bought the Batignolles Horizontal not the Vertical like I was planning on getting. I had been wanting that one for a while now. Not sure what originally made me fall in love with that one.:love: I like bags I can carry on my shoulder. I do know what convinced me was the price after reading the LV group I learned that it recently had a price DECREASE. How can I not buy it then. It was meant to be. This purse thing is SOOOO addicting!!! Besides my 1st LV tonight I also got my 3rd and 4th Gucci this month. I HAVE TO STOP!!! Well at least until the next Gucci sale.
  14. i did itttttttttt! i actually went in today and exchanged it and they couldnt be nicer!!!! :smile: they didnt care at all...but i dont get the black one until next week :sad: they had to order it!

    BUTTTTTTTT im excited wohooooo!

    now to find a LV bag!
  15. beljwl how did u decide what bag ur gonna get? im trying to decide and im going crazyyyyyyyy i love how whats it called the shopper? the one everyone has, like 600 bucks, looks butttttt everyone has it! :sad: buttt i was thinking of getting it and glamming it up with acccessorys, maybe a cute LV scarf! i saw them in the white monogram, i thought that would look cute! brown lv bag with a white monogram lv scarf and then add a clunky LV keyhain!!

    but then again thatll up the price of the bag to like 1000, might as well get something worth that,,,, right? i dont know mannn