Question ... please look!

  1. Hi there everyone,
    I'm new here on your site. I have never posted anything before, but i have been reading your lovely posts for some time now. :smile:

    My question is how do i go about reporting a site selling fake designer bags. I once bought from this paticular site and i know they are fakes because i was fooled into buying something from there. The site was shut down, but i guess they have me on their mailing list and they sent me an e-mail claiming to have "designer handbags at 80% off". One click and i know its the same site just different name.

    Is there any way to have it shut down? And how would i go about that?

    I'm just so mad that i was jipped of almost 500 dollars :cursing: and at least i can spare other people from doing the same.

    Thank you for readin' :smile:

  2. in all of the vogue mags they have some number you can call about counterfeiters however I do not know what that is and all of my vogues make it to work but never back home...
  3. Thanks for the tip... I'll look at my Vogue.
  4. Good luck--those places need to be shut down.
  5. I think there is a government website someone mentioned on this site-somewhere! You should try doing a search on the forum to see what other people say about websites selling fakes. I'm so sorry this happened to you! Remember that you can post pics of handbags you are interested in purchasing so others can authenticate before you buy. Welcome to the forum!