Question - please help

  1. Do you ladies know if there are any local Nordstroms that carry Chanel? I have gift cards that I got from the holidays that I would love to use it on a chanel bag. It would lower the cost a little bit. Can you please help? I tried calling Nordstrom and they said they couldn't locate a Nordstrom store that carries a certain brand. TIA!!!
  2. Nordstroms in Seattle, WA does

    there are several others but I cant remember them =X they take gift cards over the phone
  3. Nordstrom Seattle, Canoga Park, CA (Topenga store), Minneapolis, MN at the Mall of America, and Portland, OR, all have Chanel boutiques. The customer service at the Seattle store is superb, in my experience. 206-628-1443.
  4. the nordstroms in topanga, california carries chanel
  5. Nordstrom in Portland does also. If you go to the Chanel website and go to store locater, it will tell you all the places that carry Chanel, including Nordstrom.
  6. Thanks everyone. You guys are big help.