Question: Petit Shopping Tote or Diamond Stitch

  1. Hi, Just would like to hear everyone's thoughts on a white bag, whether to get the Petit Shopping tote or the large diamond stitch. I was wondering how large the diamond stitch tote was, I can't find a picture of it from the side to see how wide it is. Thanks!
  2. even though I have PST, i personally prefer diamon stich!!!LOL! call me a traitor:p because i want that so bad right now..!!but im on a ban(for real!;))
  3. I have the PST and am thinking of selling it (I haven't used it yet) and trying to find a diamond stitch to buy instead....
  4. Thanks for the info...A few more questions...Would it be impossible to keep the white diamond stitch clean (as compared to the PST)? And also I was wondering how boxy the small diamond stitch is because I can't seem to find the large one....Thanks!
  5. They are so different I might consider keeping the PST and getting the diamond stitch..
  6. ^^ hi. i have the small diamond stitch. it is comfy, not too boxy and i was told it is easy to keep clean. i can't tell you if it is more or less likely to dirty than the pst, but perhaps someone else can....
  7. both are great bags, but I really love the the diamond stitch
  8. Thanks so much for the help....I'm thinking of getting the small diamond stitch and later on decide whether to keep the pst or not....Does anyone know if the large diamond stitch is even available any more?
  9. Well, I decided....I ordered the White diamond stitch from Saks in NY and I listed my Petit Shopping tote on eBay...Thanks for all your help....
  10. I personally like the DS
  11. i like teh large diamond stitch tote :drool:

    borrow this pic from SoCal
  12. ds. :smile:
  13. diamond stitch
  14. Another vote for the DS. I have the small size in black & love it. It is a great everyday bag & holds a ton.