Question.....other than Ebay gently loved bags?

  1. Can anyone recommend a gently loved bag site?

    Thank you everyone!
  2. ^ Link doesn't work.
  3. Thanks everyone:heart:
  4. Wanted to second the recommendation for let-trade. Love their stuff and they've got super fast shipping and great customer service!
  5. Do you need online shops?
    Brick and Mortar consignment shops can also be good. You need to CLOSELY inspect to make sure they aren't accidentally selling fakes, but the prices can be reasonable
  6. I've bought from Jill's Consignment in the past and have gotten some great things. However, I did send her a Fendi B and YSL Muse for consigment with original receipts at her request as well as all booklets, documentation, etc. She insisted the receipts were copies and basically accused me of printing them up (with Neiman and Nordstrom logos) myself. On the plus side, one less place to be tempted to shop from for me. It was kind of weird!
  8. Ann's Fabulous Finds...

    Ann's Fabulous Finds