Question On Ysl Muse

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  1. Hi Everybody, I'm New Here So I'm Not Sure How This Works, Anyway I Have The Following Problem, I Want To Buy A Muse Bag In The Large Size, I Have Seen The Tan One At Saks But Unfortunately In Europe It Doesn't Exist In Tan They Only Make That Color For The Us. I Could Order It From Saks But,and Here Is My Problem, I Can Only See The Color On Internet And Not For Real. Can Anyone Who Has Seen It Personally Tell Me If The Color Is Exactly The One Saks Shows, I Find It A Bit Too Bright, Or Is It Lighter Ecc....thanks A Lot!!!!
  2. The tan one is pretty accurate IRL compared to the pic. I saw the tan one in person yesterday and it looks just like the internet pic. HTH! What colors do they make in Europe?
  3. Hmmm...I seem to smell a TROLL here! VLAD~~~ TROLL ALERT! :lol:
  4. thanks for your reply. Here in Europe they only have black, dark brown and white, I don't know why there is a difference but it's pretty sure 'cause I even phoned Paris to make sure and they confirmed that the American market has different bags to Europe...Too bad, I'll probably get the dark brown then, I don't like that tan much it's too bright and orangy...Thanks again guys, till next time...!!!!!
  5. Why the troll alert? I don't get it.
  6. I don't either. She wasn't selling anything. ??
  7. To me, it's closer to this pic than on the other pic Saks has. Probably a tad darker but not as orange as the other.

  8. Welcome to the board!

    I agree with the online colors of bags. They sometimes look totally diff. IRL than on the store websites. If I come across some real life pics, I'll post them.
  9. Me neither- did I miss something???:blink:
  10. I just came back from NM in my area. I wanted a tan Muse in the medium size. They had one. I did not buy it though. It was not an orangy tan like on the website. It was more of a mustard/yellow tan. I passed on it. They only had one other Muse. It was the oversized in a metallic grey color. It was a pretty color but the bag was huge.
  11. The tan seems nice :biggrin: Haven't seen it IRL either though, good luck!
  12. I thought it was weird the way the first post was made. As if the poster was mocking the kind of questions the forum members sincerely ask on the forum. In addition, what really got me get on a troll alert was b/c the poster had capitalized every word. HOWEVER, if I'm mistaken, I apologize for the misunderstanding and WELCOME aboard! :shame: Didn't mean to be unwelcoming. Hope you find the Muse you're looking for, people are very helpful here.:P
  13. Goodluck on your decision!
  14. WTG bella1 :biggrin:
  15. Ahhh, I see. LOL- I did not even notice that at first (capitalize thing) - makes me feel safe on this forum with such watchful eyes on here! :P I am sure there is no harm done- you are only looking out for the rest of us and I am sure duna will understand that! :biggrin: