Question on Work

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  1. What is the length of the handle for the Work? Can you carry it on your shoulder? The Work I got seems like have a smaller handle, I can handly carry on my shoulder. I've looked through some of the picture posted here, and saw some of the Work seem like have a larger size of handle, can be carried on shoulder, but some don't. Why is that?
  2. I can carry my work over my shoulder, but not with a heavy winter coat. The handles have stretched some since it's older now. I think there are slight variations on the handle length (I've heard people complain about that before with this style so it's always best to try it on first if that's how you want to wear it). I wish it came with a shoulderstrap.
  3. i carry my work over my shoulder too, again not over a thick winter coat, a leather coat or anything thin is alright. i love work~~ =)
  4. :idea:
    Pf-er Beverly said she stretches hers a little if they are too tight on the shoulder. She puts a heavy book or 2 in the bag and then hangs the bag by the handles. Maybe that would help!
  5. i did what beverly did on my new b bags...
    i'll put in some stuffs and just hang it for some times.
    it'll stretch :P