Question on what people think

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  1. Most of my friends know and understand i love Chanel and spend the money for bags, etc. But they tease me by saying that i am nuts - for the price of one chanel, i could get so much other stuff - my justification is that it is my personal preference and it is not like i am using money that should be for other things (house, car, retirement, etc.) you guys get questioned also? Is it envy? Or something else?
  2. not necessarily envy, just a matter of different tastes/preferences/value systems/priorities. Just like how my bestie prefers to splurge 80% of her mnthly income on really good food, car maintenance and her dog, I prefer to save and splurge on the occassional Chanel. I would rather eat budget biscuits and pantry coffee for lunch and take public transport everywhere unlike her.
  3. Some people don't understand. We all have our indulgances that we splurge on. Just laugh it off. :yahoo: :yahoo:
  4. I got Chanels and I still have money left to pay for the other things that I want. So why not Chanel?

    Yeah! People have different tastes and values.
  5. I don't have any kids. Now my friends that DO have kids spend LOTS of $$ on them-daycare, private schools, toys, clothes, etc......
    So the way I see it, I spend WAY less on something that I chose (my bags), than they do on what they chose (to raise children). And they DO give me attitude smetimes about how much $$$ the bags are. I find it pretty hypocritical:shame: , but I don't waste my time with an answer to try to justify my lifestyle to them. Nor should anyone here;)
  6. You are right, there should be no need for justification ... but people talk and gossip and are curious ... it is human nature ,
  7. My BF thinks it's the biggest waste of money! He just doesn't understand my love for purses & how they make me so happy. So I agree, maybe not jealousy (although could very well be), but just different taste. They just haven't been bitten by the luxe bug yet! hehehe
  8. I agree! :yes: