Question on weird Paypal Ending (long)


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Dec 13, 2006
I purchased a bag and it came with Auth card. however when it arrived the auth card number didn't match the bags number. Now I really do think this bag is real, I posted it and everyone said it was the real deal and man it passes every test! Nice quality and all! But I was upset that I was lied to and what if I ever want to resell it? So anyway I emailed the seller for the correct card, they said we don't know what your talking about it is auth! so I filed a claim with paypal, after 10 days the seller NEVER responded so Paypal auto sided with me! Not only did I get all my money back but they said I don't have to do anything further with the bag. So I just keep it? That just doesn't seem right....(this is in the US btw)


Apr 18, 2006
Sorry, I don't think it is right to keep both money and the bag. I think you should return one of them to the seller.


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May 7, 2006
Yeah, happened to me before when I got both the money and wallet. You should either pay the seller again if you are happy with the bag or return the bag to the seller.


Aug 11, 2006
I would return the bag to the seller, it's the right thing to do. I'm sure she's probably really upset right now. Lots of us here have been taken at one time or another and the feeling is just awful.


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Mar 4, 2006
Yes - you must decide if you want to keep the bag and if so you need to pay the seller or alternatively send the bag back


Dec 11, 2006
hey ya,
something equally weird happened to me a little while ago. i filed for non-receipt and the seller sent the bag just before the claim was decided in my favour so I received it after I got my money back. the weird thing is that she didn't respond with the tracking number in time (never responded at all) which i just do not understand. afterwards she told me that she had another buyer so if I didn't want it, i could send it back.... I guess she was sorry from the start about selling it to me at a low price.

anyway, I phoned paypal and they said that if the seller could prove delivery to me, then she could get her money back. it would have been difficult to prove for her but frankly I couldn't sleep well for about 3 days - so i sent her the cost of the bag in the end and took shipping as a deduction bec in addition the bag had some big spots she hadn't mentioned. I like the bag and wasn't willing to pay a lot for shipping on top (bec you should send insured etc).

if the bag is authentic like you say and you want to keep it they deserve their money - although I know what weird stuff can happen. i will never understand these sellers that do not respond to a paypal claim - so first of all this isn't your fault really. even if they are upset, it is not like you intentionally tried to take both.

did you file about non-authenticity of the bag? maybe it is fake after all? to me it sounds like they don't have the card. if it is about re-selling - send the bag back. or offer a reduced price bec the card doesn't match the bag - and accept that you might not sell it easily. but keeping both, unless the bag is really a fake, wouldn't be right IMO.
May 7, 2007
I agree that you shouldn't keep both the bag and the money but the reason this happened is because the seller did not respond at all.

If they had responded and said that they would refund you Paypal would have expected you to send the bag back. As the seller did not respond, Paypal took it that the seller was not bothered.


May 4, 2007
Just going back to the reason for your claim. It may not have been the sellers fault that the numbers didn't match, they sometimes get mixed up in stores


May 14, 2007
hehe, I might be tempted to keep both. :yahoo: I would personally just wait a week or so. I definitely wouldn't spend the money and would expect to pay the seller again. However, I wouldn't just hand her/him the money either.

This is my CONCERN: If the seller isn't hounding you for the money or the purse maybe the purse isn't real. That's what I would be scared of. So, unless you've had it authenticated at the store, I wouldn't hand over your money.

If you were in this situation and the purse was authentic, you'd be screaming for your money or the purse. Or you'd at least email the buyer.

I would recommend waiting a week (perhaps there was a death in the family or so) and give the seller some time to realize what happened. If they still don't contact you, then keep both but still keep the money on the side just in case.

...sorry, I'm a super skeptic. Let us know what happens.


Dec 11, 2006
yeah, I agree that if the seller does not care, the bag may be fake. no one has money to give away. having said that - if it is fake, you probably don't want it either....