Question on Weekender


Nov 28, 2006
I need someone give me some information on handle for the weekender. How long is the handle, same size as the Work? The handles on 06 Work is little small for me, I can't carry it on my shoulder, how about the 06 Weekender, anyone know?

hi baiy. WE handles are quite short, same as the work handles. good news, they do stretch!!. i saw sea's gorgeous We in pix and think her handles have stratched quite a bit. i regularly carry my WEs on my shoulder with no coat. with a coat, it is a bit more challenging and i ended up carrying it in my hands when i was bundled up in paris.
i agree, the handles do stretch. also, with the weekender, my stuff sits at the bottom of the bag, which is not right at my armpit like the work. it makes it more comfortable. the weekenders slouch and this makes the handle feel longer than the work handles.

hi, CW!;)