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  1. Hello all,
    I have seen the website Orange Me recommended on other sites and sometimes in the tpf. I was wondering if anyone had ever bought from there. Good experience, bad? Tell me! Here is the link: OrangeMe - Shop Chic!. TIA!
  2. since they are selling "new" chanel bags and there is NO online site selling new chanel's the site sells FAKES!!!!!
  3. Oh okay, I thought they were a consignment store. Thanks for the information.
  4. I don't know about those Chanels, but I think some of those bags (the Miu Miu, specifically) are legit. I've seen some of their auctions on eBay that looked good. Cute website- does anyone know if they are consignment or resellers or not?
  5. Interesting question. They have a Bottega Veneta up for auction right now. I was sure it was authentic and bid, (since have been outbid), but now I'm wondering if it's real or not. It's not the typical woven leather, which I know something about; it's a canvas bag. Hmmmm.
  6. I think their stuff is auth. They're either consignment or resellers.. not sure.
  7. Hmmm.... I have just done a search on the tpf and some members have purschased authentic bags from there before. Also the site is mentioned on Greendry's site, she mentions them as a reseller/consignment store. So I think i trust the site and will purschase what I was looking at.
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